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Brookwood Citizens’ Committee seeks photographs, site information

January 10, 2011

Brookwood Citizens’ Committee seeks photographs, site information

The Brookwood Citizens’ Committee is asking the public to help provide information
about the development of the Brookwood Point site, the former Cook Estate. The
Committee will use this information as part of the planning process it is conducting for
Brookwood Point on behalf of Otsego Land Trust.

The Committee is particularly interested in learning more about how the site evolved
over time. “Photographs, manuscripts, and correspondence may help fill information
gaps that would help give the Committee a better picture of the site’s historic
development. Many people knew Bob Cook, the former owner of the site, and they may
have photographs of the house and grounds or other research material that could be
useful,” said committee chair Francis Nolan.

The Cook Foundation records and Bob Cook’s personal papers, family photographs,
and manuscripts provide valuable information about the site’s development. Wendell
Tripp, Suzan Friedlander, and C. R. Jones are currently working on organizing
archival material. “We are very lucky to have a fine team of professionals who have
volunteered to help organize a rather large volume of manuscripts, photographs, and
other site materials. The archival materials will help us with our work as we look toward
Brookwood’s future,” said Martha Frey, the committee co-chair. “It will be interesting to
learn more about Brookwood’s cultural landscape and what historic features still remain,”
said Frey.

“Right now we are trying to gather as much information as possible about the site,”
said committee member Lucy Townsend. “I’m asking my family to see what, if any,
photographs they might have of the house and its surrounding landscape.” Townsend’s
great grandfather, Frederick de Peyster Townsend, was the landscape architect who
designed the Brookwood estate grounds and formal garden. He and his wife Katharine
Germain Savage designed and developed the formal garden from 1915 to 1920.

Anyone who has photographs, correspondence, or manuscripts that may help the
Brookwood Citizens’ Committee is encouraged to contact Peter Hujik at the Otsego
Land Trust office at (607) 547-2366.

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