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Celebrate SABR Day in Cooperstown

January 13, 2011
National Baseball Hall of Fame Clubhouse
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Celebrate SABR Day in Cooperstown

Baseball Fans Around the Globe to Join in
Salute to Baseball Jan. 29

view.image?Id=1618Some of baseball’s most passionate fans are coming to the village where the passion for baseball reigns year-round.

The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) will hold its second annual SABR Day Jan. 29 throughout its 55 chapters in North America, Europe and Asia, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum will welcome SABR members to Cooperstown that day as a part of SABR Day festivities.

SABR’s chapter in Cooperstown, the Cliff Kachline Chapter, will host the gathering at the Hall of Fame beginning at 10 a.m. ET on Jan. 29. SABR has nearly 7,000 members world-wide and was formed in August of 1971 in Cooperstown.

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