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Brookwood Citizens’ Committee hosts first public meeting

January 19, 2011

Brookwood Citizens’ Committee hosts first public meeting

The Brookwood Citizens’ Committee will host its first public meeting on Sunday, January
30, 2011. The meeting will provide an overview of the site and its conservation values,
including the site’s natural, scenic, and historic features. It will also give the community
an opportunity to provide input and work with the Committee to explore reuse of the site.
The Committee will hold two additional community meetings later this winter to gather
additional public input and to present its findings and recommendations for the future
reuse of the site.

“Brookwood Point is a spectacular site!” remarked Peter Hujik, Executive Director.
“We are excited about working with the community to develop a long-term vision
for protecting this special place, in whatever form that takes.” The site is currently
owned by the Cook Foundation. The property’s ownership is expected to transfer to
the Otsego Land Trust within the next few months. With Brookwood Point and related
conservation easements, the merger of the two organizations will consolidate 1,179
acres of conservation lands around Otsego Lake.

“Brookwood’s reuse will only succeed if we engage the public and have their support at
many levels. We are asking the community to work with Otsego Land Trust to help raise
money, donate in-kind services, and volunteer their time to help further the site’s long-
term protection,” said Francis Nolan. “While the Otsego Land Trust’s primary goal is to
preserve the conservation value of the site, we are hopeful that we can achieve public
access and reuses that complement conservation goals. However, everyone should
understand that the Committee and Otsego Land Trust cannot proceed with an end use
that is not self-sustaining. We face the same challenges that the Cook Foundation did
and there is no doubt that we have our work cut-out,” said Nolan.

The meeting will be on Sunday, January 30, at 3:00 p.m., at Templeton Hall, 63 Pioneer
Street. The meeting will be roughly two hours and will conclude with a reception. If you
would like to share ideas about the future of the site, but can’t attend the meeting, please
contact Peter Hujik, Executive Director at (607) 547-2366. Otsego Land Trust is also
interested in all old photographs and documents related to Brookwood Point.

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