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Leatherstocking AEA: Nonprofit Offers Open House

January 31, 2011
Oneonta World of Learning Offers Open House February 2nd

Oneonta World of Learning (OWL) is an emerging children’s museum. OWL is chartered as a museum with the New York State of Regents and has recently obtained 501c3 status. OWL’s ultimate goal is to have a physical space, open to the public 7 days a week. As we build to that goal, we have committed to partnering with other local organizations and using other public spaces to bring regular events to children and their families.

OWL will offer an Open House on Wednesday, February 2nd at 7:30 pm at the Main View Gallery on Main Street in Oneonta

OWL invites people to come learn more about their nonprofit and activities, as well as how they can get more involved. People can also contact them at worldflearning or call 431-8543 for additional info.

OWL also would like to invite anyone interested in joining the organization’s board. Visit here for info on OWL’s board.

New York Council of Nonprofits Announces 2011 Capacity-Building Mini-Grants for Otsego County Nonprofits

Grant applications for the 8th year of the Otsego County Mini-Grant Program are being accepted now until the March 1st deadline. The grant award announcements will be made shortly after this deadline. The 2011 capacity-building grant program is intended to measurably improve the governance & management operations of qualifying 501(c)3 nonprofits that are located or provide a majority of their services in Otsego County. The program is made possible with support from The Scriven Foundation. There is a total of $40,000 of grant funds available with individual grant award limits as follows:

· Up to $1,000 for general governance & management assistance

· Up to $2,000 for merger, consolidation or subsidiary development and for crisis management intervention services

· Up to $500 in scholarships for participation at one of the following capacity building conferences sponsored by NYCON (maximum of $1,000 total per agency): Camp Finance 2011, October at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY or Being A Successful Executive Director: Core Competencies & Strategies for the Beginning ED (must have less than 5 years experience as ED to attend). Location and dates to be determined.

To be eligible, applicants must be:

· 501(c)3 organizations that are located in or provide a majority of their services to residents of Otsego County

· Consultants to be engaged are qualified & available at a reasonable cost

· Projects must improve the governance and management capacity of the applicant.

Grant funding is limited and applications will be accepted until March 1st. Grants will be awarded competitively to qualifying nonprofits with approved project activities. Grant criteria are available at It is recommended that any applicant review the 2011 criteria before applying. To fill out a grant application, go to

Leatherstocking AEA Announces Plans for 2011

The Leatherstocking AEA Steering Committee is excited to announce plans for 2011! Meetings this year will have a new theme: Entrepreneurial Strategies for Running a Nonprofit, and we will hold a total of four meetings to address this focus.

Topics will be: marketing and promotion, board and staff relationships, planning, and fund development, paired as follows: Marketing, promotion, and fund development, and Planning and Board-Staff relationships. Each meeting will be offered twice, once in the spring and once in the fall, in different locations for a total of four meetings. As in the past, these meetings will feature a panel discussion with a three hour time frame to allow for discussion and questions.

New Mentoring Pilot Program!

The Leatherstocking AEA is also proud to announce the development of a pilot mentoring program. This will help make connections with new Executive Directors and give them guidance while establishing a network and connecting to peers. In order to do this, we need to establish a list of new EDs that would like a mentor, and experienced EDs that would be willing to mentor. Please contact Andrew Marietta at amarietta if you are interested. We will distribute more information on meetings and the mentor program as it becomes available.

NYS Attorney General’s Workshop Recap on Charities Bureau Registration and Reporting

The Attorney General’s office offered a workshop on Charities Registration and Reporting related to the Charities Bureau. The workshop overview included:

– Registration with Attorney General’s Charities Bureau, which is required unless the nonprofit is exempt

– Clarified registration requirements, which are separate from the NY Department of State; IRS; or NYS Tax Department.

The workshop explained that all nonprofits must register that are incorporated or formed in NYS; conduct charitable activity or purpose; or raise money in NY for charitable purposes.
Exempt nonprofits include churches, educational organizations (formed under Dept of Education), volunteer fire and ambulance corpos, PTAs, and organizations formed for the benefit of their members.
Registration documents and fees: complete form CHAR 410, and submit certificate of incorporation, by-laws, IRS from 1023/1024, IRS tax exemption determination letter, financial report and $25 fee.

Questions? Visit Charities.Bureau

Opportunities for Otsego Offers Hiring Help for Your Nonprofit
Opportunities for Otsego offers two Employment Services resources available to your nonprofit: Transitional Employment and Wage Subsidy. Transitional Employment provides subsidized work experiences for nonprofit employers up to 90 days. Read more here. Wage Subsidy facilitates partially subsidized job placement with local employers. Read more here. Call 607-433-8335 or 800-986-5463 for more information.
Have board openings? Looking for young professionals? Read on…
The Leatherstocking AEA is working with the amarietta the following info if you have a board opening: organization, mission, why serve on your board, and basic info on board member expectations and commitments. Feel free to add any other info you think would be helpful.
The Tri-County Young Professionals was formed in 2007 to show young adults in the Chenango-Delaware-Otsego area the broad range of opportunities in our communities. From socializing and networking to the economic impact for our area, the Tri-County Young Professionals will work to develop lasting partnerships between its members, local organizations, Chambers of Commerce, schools and businesses. The Chenango-Delaware-Otsego area has a lot to offer and TCYP can help light the way for young professionals currently residing and those looking to relocate here.

Leatherstocking AEA June 30th Program Recap: Missed the Program? No Problem.
Online Tools for Volunteer Management and Communication

Twelve participants attended the recent Leatherstocking AEA program meeting, but if you weren’t able to attend, don’t worry. You will find the presentation from NYCON’s regional manager, Andrew Marietta, here. The program offered an overview of possible online tools and resources for nonprofits to use to manage and work with their volunteers. Program topic areas included management, communication, online tools for all areas of volunteer management and defining virtual volunteers. The presentation also offers some suggested next steps for nonprofits looking at doing more with volunteers and hoping to use more online tools.

In order to facilitate more sharing amongst the participants, please post your comments on your nonprofit’s volunteer program and what online tools you may be using or are hoping to use amarietta.

Leatherstocking AEA’s New E-mail Discussion Group

Join the Conversation! As a follow up to the April 14th meeting on volunteers and their management, a new e-mail discussion group has been created on Google Groups at: An email discussion group automatically shares a message sent to a specific email address with all the members of a group. Each time members reply with their comments, the comments are automatically shared with all the members of the group. Google Groups has added functionality that also allows us to upload and store images and files for later reference and to create pages.Some ways we can use the group are: to continue discussions from a program, like the recent one Core Policies for Your Volunteers, Board and Staff, to share experiences, and to tap the expertise of our members by asking each other questions. For example, the attendee list from the April 14 program has been uploaded to the file section of the group for member reference.If you have not already been invited, send your request to join and questions about using the group to Andrew Marietta at or Michael Wesolowski at for new ideas for employee benefits?

Let NYCON help you create an extensive, affordable benefits package that is easy to comprehend and manage! Learn more about the ways in which we help over 1,000 nonprofits just like yours with Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Disability Insurance, Flexible Savings Accounts, Life Insurance, Retirement Benefits, Unemployment Savings Program, and Workers Comp. Contact us for more information. Click here for a flyer.

Visit the NY Nonprofit Executive Directors Network… Stay Informed. Connect with your peers. Post your questions. NYNED is your resource. About the Leatherstocking AEA Formed in 2004 with the support of the New York Council of Nonprofits, formerly Council of Community Services of New York State (CCSNYS), the Leatherstocking AEA offers nonprofit executive directors from Otsego, Delaware, and Chenango Counties a forum for networking and peer support. The group holds quarterly program meetings. 2011 meeting dates are: April 6, April 13, October 5, and October 12. Times and locations will be announced.


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