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Document & Print Strategies – February 2011

February 21, 2011
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Uncover the Myths of Color Printing

Color printing myths have kept many businesses from taking the leap into complete color printing. Let us take a look at some of the misconceptions that make individuals and businesses hesitant about color printing. The goal will be to explore the benefits of color printing while addressing any concerns you may have about it.


The Best Ways to Go Green

Going digital in today’s economy is not just about having a website or exchanging short e-mail messages. It’s about reducing cost and saving the planet at the same time, Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right starting point, Recycling bins can be found in many offices but that may not be enough. Paper use contributes the most to landfills, and the associated printing machines such as copiers consume energy at a faster rate than any other business device. Read more>>>

Basic Facts of Document Security

Entire hard disks can easily be wiped out by virus attacks. Spyware can compromise your bank account and credit cards. Storage media can be destroyed by natural disasters such as fires and all your business data can be at risk. Data stored on media can be corrupted when a system crashes or by power surges. Document security management aims at many types of data threats by taking a preventive approach to data loss.




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