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Community Art Night and Film Class at The Smithy

March 2, 2011

Community Art Night Warms the Winter

The Smithy is pleased to report that Community Art Night on Thursdays from 6-8 pm has been met with strong support and participation. To date, attendees have designed their own stamps, made ceramic tiles and books, learned cyanotyping and origami, and built decorative cupcake toppers. This Thursday, Lorry O’Brien will lead "Mardi Gras Mask Making." This program is an effort to bring people of all ages together for a night of fun, food, and art-making. Each week, area artists are on hand to share a different skill and help create a special project; we also have live music from time to time! In an effort to bring art to everyone, this event is completely free to the public. Donations are, of course, appreciated. For a calendar of projects and artists, please contact The Smithy at 547-8671 or smithypioneer. Community Art Night is held in The Smithy Pottery Studio, located behind The Smithy and accessible via the alley next to Cooley’s Bar. We hope to see you there as we make friends and art!

Books We Love to Watch Film Class Continues with Little Women

The Smithy’s "Books We Love to Watch" film class will continue this week with the film/novel coupling Little Women, taught by Executive Director, Danielle Newell (BFA in Cinema, NYU). The class meets on the first and third Saturday of every month from 6-8:30 pm, with discussion before and after the screening. The course focuses on classic and contemporary films based on novels; class revolves around both book, film, and the interplay between the two. On Sundays at 4 pm, The Smithy Writers Circle hosts a continued discussion (and subsequent, unrelated writing/sharing session) for those interested. This is a wonderful class for enthusiasts of both mediums and all are encouraged to participate. This class is being offered free to the public and space is limited. Registration is on-going but required. For information, book and film lists, or to register, please visit smithypioneer.

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