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Ommegang request to Cooperstown Chamber members

March 3, 2011


As you may know, Brewery Ommegang has asked local and regional businesses to join us in a Business Coalition opposed to hydrofracking. To date, over 200+ businesses have joined and the list was published today, March 3, in The Freeman’s Journal.

We acknowledge the economic difficulties in upstate that make gas leases attractive. But we believe there are better economic opportunities than this form of gas extraction. We’ve done a lot of homework on the issue over the last six months, and are convinced hydrofracking is not good for our businesses, our people, our town, our county, or our state. The potential risks are enormous, poorly understood, poorly regulated, and will borne by all of us, while the potential rewards are few and accrue only to lease-holders and gas companies. (I have attached Ommegang’s public statement if you’d like to read it.)

Brewery Ommegang has called for a moratorium, and an ultimate ban, on hydrofracking across New York State. This email is to ask Cooperstown Chamber members to join our Business Coalition and help us build local business support for the anti-fracking movement. The only requirements involved are: 1. You agree with our call for a moratorium and a ban, and: 2. You’re willing to let us use your business name in public communications.

That’s it. There are no other obligations or responsibilities. We do plan to hold a fund-raiser for environmental groups working on this issue at the brewery once the weather improves, and that will involve food, drink, and music- along with opportunities to contribute.

I’d like to hear from you, regardless of your position. I prefer responses by email rather than phone, if possible, to me at larry

Thank you,


PS: Interestingly enough, New York City has used its immense political weight to protect itself and the NYC watershed by making drilling permitting difficult enough that the gas companies have bypassed the NYC watershed completely. The gas companies have moved instead into regions such as ours, where they believe we are too politically weak to deter them.

Larry Bennett

Brewery Ommegang / Duvel USA

656 County Highway 33

Cooperstown, NY 13326

Brewery 607-544-1800

Direct 607-544-1802

Fax 607-544-1801

Ommegang Statement on Hydrofracking Update Jan 18 2011 .docx

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