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Donation of Land to Benefit Otsego Land Trust

March 8, 2011

Land donation to benefit Brookwood Point

A recent land donation to the Otsego Land Trust will be used to benefit the preservation
of Brookwood point, the former 22-acre Cook Estate located on Otsego Lake. Jim and
Eileen Dean of Cooperstown donated the land, a lot located on upper Main Street, to
help fund the long-term preservation of Brookwood. Known as a “tradeland” gift, the real
estate donation is not intended for long-term ownership by the land trust. The land will
be sold with the proceeds going to support land trust operations, in this case Brookwood.

Several years ago, Jim Dean became aware that a portion of Brookwood might be
sold. He then became more interested in the issue, spoke out publicly through local
newspapers, and soon became part of a small group of people who were already
working to save Brookwood. “The idea of the land donation came to me during one
of our Brookwood meetings,” said Dean. I felt that we needed to make a meaningful
gesture to show that we were serious in our efforts to save Brookwood. We were big
on the meaningful part, but short on the gesture side. As we pondered our situation, I
suggested that I would be willing to donate a small parcel of land that I owned, in the
Village of Cooperstown, as our contribution to show good faith and to bring something to
the table.”

“Jim’s generous offer took everyone by surprise. At first I thought he was kidding, but
he was serious,” said Frey. “I think everyone was rather stunned,” said Ron Bishop, “but
in the end, we were very excited that the land donation would get a serious fundraising
effort to a terrific start.”

And Jim followed through on his good intentions. “My wife Eileen, co-owner of the
property, generously agreed to support my offer to the Land Trust in support of
Brookwood,” said Dean, and the parcel of land owned by the Deans was transferred to
the Otsego Land Trust at the end of 2010. Otsego Land Trust has not yet determined
when it will be for sale.

“The directors and staff of Otsego Land Trust are very excited to receive this generous
donation from Jim and Eileen Dean,” said Harry Levine, Chairman. “With this tradeland
donation—the first of its kind, the Dean’s action on behalf of Brookwood Point is
exemplary. Jim and Eileen are demonstrating the kind of innovation and substantial
support necessary for Otsego Land Trust to fulfill community aspirations for this
remarkable site.”

Eileen said that she hopes that this gift will encourage others to come forward to provide
financial support for the Brookwood property. “Unless such support is forthcoming, the

Land Trust will have to make some difficult choices.” Peter Hujik, executive director
confirmed that the long term ownership of Brookwood must not place a financial burden
on Otsego Land Trust that would have a negative impact on its conservation mission for
the entire Otsego region.

Over the past six months, a Brookwood Citizens’ Committee was formed by the Otsego
Land Trust. The Committee has been gathering information about Brookwood and is
hosting a series of community meetings that will explore the future of property. The
second of three community meetings will be held later this spring. For more information
about the planning process for Brookwood Point, please contact Peter Hujik, Otsego
Land Trust executive director, at (607) 547-2211.

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