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FDIC Scam E-Mail Alert

March 14, 2011

The FDIC posted the following alert in their newsletter on Saturday:

“E-mail Claiming to Be From the FDIC – March 11, 2011

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has received numerous reports of a fraudulent e-mail that has the appearance of being sent from the FDIC.

The e-mail appears to be sent from “accounts” and includes a subject line that states: “About your business account.”

The e-mail is addressed to “Business Customers” and states “We have important information about insurance coverage of your business accounts.” It then asks recipients to “Please click here to view details” and includes a hyper link to a Web site.

The e-mail says that it is from “Alyssa Williams, FDIC Insurance.”

This e-mail and link are fraudulent. Recipients should consider the intent of this e-mail as an attempt to collect personal or confidential information, or to load malicious software onto end users’ computers. Recipients should not click on the link provided.

The FDIC does not issue unsolicited e-mails to consumers or business account holders.”

Please be aware, educate our customers and delete this or any similar message should you receive one.

Brian S. Miller
Information Security & Business Continuity Officer
Wilber National Bank
245 Main St. PO Box 430
Oneonta, NY 13820

Voice: (607) 433-3512
Fax: (607) 433-3503

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