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Pooh Kaye and Mr. Bear’s Furniture Testing Center

March 25, 2011

If you missed Pooh Kaye
and the premiere of
Mr. Bear’s Furniture Testing Center
last summer at the Franklin Stage Company,
or if you saw it, loved it and want to see it
in new & improved in its latest incarnation

Go to Foothills Performing Arts Center this weekend!
Eccentric Motions presents this Multi-Media Dance Event

Expanding on material originally created for Franklin Stage Company,
Mr. Bear’s Furniture Testing Center is conceived
as a series of events that combine propulsive human movement.
It is set in an environment of moving tables, ambulatory typewriters, and chairs on wheels,
designed by Pooh Kaye, and is performed by Victoria Lundell and Pooh Kaye;
also, the premiere of original animations by artist Walter Gurbo;
and with an original percussion score composed and played live by Michael Suchorsky.

March 25&26 at 8:00 pm and March 27 at 2:00pm
At the Foothills Performing Arts Center,

24 Market Street, Oneonta, New York, 13820
Tickets: Adult: $15, Seniors: $10.00, Children: $7.00
Ticket Info: 607-431-2080 Information 607-397-7510

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