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Cooperstown Price Chopper Installs Bicycle Parking

April 4, 2011

Cooperstown Price Chopper Installs Bicycle Parking

Price Chopper recently installed state-of-the-art bicycle parking at its
Cooperstown store on Chestnut Street. Each of the five inverted “U” bicycle
rack elements installed at the Cooperstown store can accommodate two parked
bicycles, one on each side.

Dennis Savoie, a founding member of the Otsego Regional Cycling Advocates
(ORCA), explains that “the inverted “U” bicycle rack element is recommended
by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) because
it properly supports an upright bicycle by its frame in two places (fore and aft),
prevents the bicycle’s front wheel from tipping over, enables the frame and
one or both wheels to be securely locked, and allows both front-in and back-
in parking. This simple design represents a dramatic improvement over the no
longer recommended wheel-bending racks that provide no support for the bicycle

Savoie adds that the location of the bicycle parking is as important as its
design. “Price Chopper did it right. They positioned the inverted “U” bicycle rack
elements in visible and convenient locations within 50 feet of each entrance
to the store without impeding pedestrian flow. They installed the racks in
supervised, well-lit areas within porticos where the parked bicycles are safe and
protected from the weather. Eventually, bicycle parking signage will be added”

Savoie further states that “the intent in providing safe, secure, effective, and
convenient bicycle parking is to encourage more people to use bicycles to do

errands. Hopefully others in the community will follow Price Chopper’s example.
Ubiquitous bicycle parking will encourage locals and tourists to bike throughout
the village to Main Street, grocery stores, convenience stores, businesses,
banks, libraries, hospitals, churches, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, parks,
gyms, village offices, chambers of commerce, hotels, and museums. More
people on bicycles is good for everyone in the community, even for the non-
cyclists who also benefit from cleaner air, a healthier community with decreased
health care costs, less dependence on foreign oil, and the availability of more
parking spaces for motor vehicles.”

Savoie encourages everyone interested in installing inverted “U” bicycle parking
to contact him by phone (607-547-5334) or by email (densav) for
assistance in choosing the appropriate placement of that parking. He notes
that the basic inverted “U” design can be accessorized to include a logo or to
artistically reflect the style of the community.

ORCA thanks Troy White, Cooperstown Price Chopper Store Manager; David
Nold, Cooperstown Price Chopper Project Manager; Joseph Berman, Price
Chopper Environmental Specialist; and Tony Rigali Price Chopper Installer for
contributing to the physical and environmental health of our community by being
the first to install state of the art bicycle parking in the Village of Cooperstown.

The Otsego Regional Cycling Advocates (ORCA) is a committee of the Otsego
County Conservation Association (OCCA). ORCA’s mission is to promote
bicycling as an enjoyable, safe, healthy, environmentally friendly activity for
people of all ages and abilities. Visit .

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