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Last Call for Route 20 Association Representation

May 26, 2011

Please do not discard this e-mail!

This is the LAST CALL for you to be represented in the 2011 Route 20 Scenic Byway Guide and Map. Deadline is June 8!

You have seen many things about all the work that the Route 20 Association does to promote our communities and travel ON and OFF Route 20. They work really hard to put community and member information in front of committed travelers – and we can all use an additional promotional voice.

So, if you have not signed up yet or not renewed your membership, please don’t delay, do it now if you want your name in the public view.

New and renewing memberships can all be done online. It is easy and will take you only about 10 minutes. AND, there is a 25% ($50) discount to you as a Cooperstown Chamber Member. Here are the instructions to sign up now and save $50 on General Membership:

If you want to discuss any of this before you sign up or renew, then call John Sagendorf at 518-817-3770 anytime. Otherwise, just sign up by following these simple instructions and you will be in!

Thank you for your support,

Instructions for sign up or renewal:

  • Go to
  • Home page – upper right corner – orange button, click Membership Application
  • Next page check General Membership and Continue
  • Discount page, enter CCC as the UMB Code to get your Cooperstown Chamber $50 discount and then click Use UMB Code
  • Options page. You get Membership, Priority Web Listing and the Guide and Map Upgrade all for $150. (If you also want to purchase a discounted ad, scroll to the bottom and check the size you want – we recommend the 1/8 column @ $88) then click the “Join” button
  • Application Information. Choose your category or categories and complete ALL blocks on this page. If “none” enter “none” but ALL blocks need to be completed. When finished click Register Now.
  • When you click Register Now, an invoice with payment instructions for your amount will be delivered to the business e-mail box you listed on the data page.

You are now IN, and you will hear directly from John Sagendorf.

Thank you again for your support. Remember, if you have any questions, contact John Sagendorf directly at johns.

Again, the deadline is June 8. Don’t delay.

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