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Napoleon’s Gold – New Upstate Novel by Thomas Pullyblank

June 6, 2011

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Napoleon’s Gold
Cornflower’s Ghost

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Dear Director,

With gas prices the way they are, many of you will be looking to spend some vacation time closer to home in upstate New York, and summer vacation is not complete without some summer reading. We suggest the novels of Thomas Pullyblank, which take place upstate and incorporate its interesting history. "Cornflower’s Ghost" received great reviews, and now we are very excited for the release of the sequel, "Napoleon’s Gold." Read on to learn more.

Napoleon’s Gold: A Legend of the Saint Lawrence River
Napoleon's Gold - book cover
by Thomas Pullyblank

ISBN: 978-0-9833897-0-5
360 pages, softcover$21.95

Pre-publication SALE
ends June 15
$15.00 pre-pub price!

Release date: July 1

Launch event: July 9
Cape Vincent French Festival

After experiencing the harrowing events of 9/11, historian Tom Flanagan returns to his family’s cottage on the Saint Lawrence River to gain some closure to the accidental death of his parents and brother and to find some meaning to the upheaval of his life. His return is both highly doubted and eagerly anticipated by the River Rat Reporters, a motley yet intriguing group of his father’s former colleagues, summer neighbors, family members and drinking buddies. Together, along with Tom’s former love and fellow historian Mindy McDonnell, the group seeks to complete his father’s personal quest: the location of Napoleon’s gold, one of the great legends of the Thousand Islands. But others also seek the gold for their own personal gain, and wage a battle against the group to control its reputed power. Through their personal tales of their involvement with his father’s research, the River Rat Reporters each bring Tom one more piece of the puzzle to unlocking both the mystery of Napoleon’s gold and the accidental deaths of his family.

Pre-order info, advance reviews, chapter previews

Cornflower’s Ghost: An Historical Mystery
Cornflower's Ghost cover by Thomas Pullyblank

ISBN: 978-0-9789066-5-8

232 pages, softcover



After grieving the loss of his parents and brother, graduate student Tom Flanagan returns from a lengthy sabbatical to his winter-locked SUNY upstate campus to begin life anew in the spring semester, only to learn of the "accidental" death of his history professor, Peter Langley. Puzzled by the accounts of the accident, Tom is driven to pursue the facts of the case — and is immediately drawn into the intrigue surrounding another death — that of the Revolutionary War hero Theodorick Crane — Langley’s obsession throughout his entire academic career. Putting his historical research skills to work, Tom pursues the two mysteries and soon becomes intimately involved with Crane’s descendants: a manipulative college administrator, her even more manipulative Congressman husband, and their captivating niece — all of whom have vague former connections to Langley. Standing in the shadows behind it all is the ghost of Cornflower, an Iroquois woman executed for treason by Crane, who seems to be the key to unlocking the secrets of the past. But as the semester progresses and Tom delves deeper into Langley’s life and death, he and those close to him become tangled in a dangerous web of political ambition and academic deceit, the unraveling of which threatens to disrupt the lives of all involved.

Learn more, See reviews, or Read a preview

What’s in the waters of Fly Creek?

There must be something special about the waters of the Fly Creek that inspires writers such as Thomas Pullyblank. In addition to his second novel, we are proud to announce the forthcoming release of Jim Atwell’s new book, Wobbling Home: A Quaker and His Parkinson’s. Jim’s first book, "From Fly Creek" (North Country Books, 2005), a collection of his columns for the CoopersTown Crier, received critical acclaim and sold thousands of copies. An upstate farmer and philosopher, Jim’s new book explores his new life with Parkinson’s through the lens of his Quaker faith — and how it impacts his daily life in his beautiful upstate hamlet. We’re finalizing the manuscript and cover, but you can click the link above to learn more or reserve your copy today.

What else is going on? We’ve got more books in the works and we will be releasing some titles in digital format, both for Kindle and Nook and other popular eBook readers. Look for that announcement coming soon.

Thanks, as always, for your support.

Richard Vang
Square Circle Press LLC


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