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6/11 Saturday Cooperstown Farmers’ Market

June 9, 2011
Middlefield Road

Cooperstown Farmers' Market

Beginning in JULY… The Cooperstown Farmers’ Market has been approved by the USDA to accept EBT cards for the electronic food stamps program. Training sessions required to institute EBT services at the market are now underway. The EBT program is a federal program supported by the state and implemented on the county level. Otsego County, with a population of 61,000, currently issues EBT benefits to 6,000 individual residents. While there is a fair amount of administration and reporting required, we feel it is important to offer this service to ensure local farm products are accessible to as broad a population as possible. I am currently recruiting volunteers willing to man the EBT booth at the market one day a month, either a Saturday or a Tuesday, from July to October. If you know of anyone that is interested, or are interested yourself, please contact me directly. Initially, I am looking for eight to ten volunteers willing to swipe the plastic benefit card for the desired amount, print a receipt, exchange the wooden tokens for spending at the market, explain the process to first time users, and tally the results at the end of the day. With your support, my hope is to have everything in place for our first Tuesday Market, July 5.

Please distribute this request for support, far and wide. Thank you in advance for any assistance you are able to provide.


Lyn Weir


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