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News from NYCON: Over 19,000 NYS Nonprofits Lose Tax Exempt Status

June 10, 2011
[Special Alert] Over 19,000 New York Nonprofits Lose Tax Exempt Status….If your organization was one of them, find out what you need to do next and how NYCON can help.

The IRS has released the names of the over 19,400 New York State nonprofits that have had their tax-exempt status automatically revoked.

If your nonprofit is on the list, you must take action today!The IRS has announced a special procedure for eligible small nonprofits to be reinstated.

The National Council of Nonprofits, our national partner, also has many resources available to assist nonprofits that are on this list.If your nonprofit is on the list,the New York Council of Nonprofitsis here to help.

Through our affiliation with the National Council of Nonprofits, you have access to tools that will explain how automatic revocation affects your nonprofit and what you need to do to have your tax-exempt status reinstated

If your organization determines that you would like to re-apply for tax exempt status, NYCON’s staff-based legal team can help you. Please contact us via phone at (800) 515-5012 and speak to Felice Ford, Legal Assistant (x104); <a href="mailto:dcurtis, Membership & Marketing Coordinator (x 126) or Valerie Venezia, VP of Membership & Marketing (x 121).

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