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6/18 Saturday Cooperstown Farmers’ Market

June 16, 2011
Middlefield Road

Cooperstown Farmers' Market

YES… Strawberry Season is upon us, Heller’s Farm has traditionally field raised strawberries and Lucky Dog Farm is offering an organic variety.

Acrospire Farm has rhubarb… for me, that means strawberry rhubarb pie season.
Heller’s Farm, continues to have Portobella Mushrooms and NEW this week… Seth’s BEEF Steak TOMATOES.
Hare and Feather Farm, special this week, a 5lb bag of chicken wings for $1.75 per pound, includes a delicious BBQ wing recipe. It’s time to get the grill out for the Forth of July.
See the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market Facebook for more recipes.
Shadbush Farm, specialized in whole-wheat crusted, fruit pies will be domonstrating how to mill wheat this week. You may not know that Fran’s son grows the wheat for her pie crusts – local, fresh milled flour, full of nutrients – you own it to yourself to try one. …plum is my favorite.
See you at the market!

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