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IRS & NYCON Provide Assistance to Revoked Organizations

June 23, 2011
[Special Alert] NYCON & IRS Offer Special Programs To
Assist Recently Revoked Organizations.

If your organization was one of them, find out what you need to do next and how NYCON can help.

As we reported last week, the IRS has released the names of the over 19,400 New York State nonprofits that have had their tax-exempt status revoked.

If your nonprofit is on the list and you would like to reapply for exemption or find alternative ways to maintain your programs and services to the community NYCON can help you take action today.

Click here to find out more about how we have reduced our filing services rates by over 60% and are providing opportunities for fiscal sponsorship through our subsidiary Innovative Charitable Initiatives (ICI).

NYCON is aware that, though many of the organizations having their exemptions revoked are no longer active, quite a few are still doing business in the communities they serve.

"The good work of community charities has a vital impact on the everyday lives of New Yorkers," said Doug Sauer, NYCON’s CEO. "Whether it is providing volunteer first responder assistance, providing food and housing to families in need, caring for our children, disabled and elderly, fostering economic development or creating and promoting arts and culture – charities are integral to our quality of life in ways that are often taken for granted. NYCON is eager to do what we can to assist those organizations whose tax status have been revoked so that they continue their important contributions."

If your organization determines that you would like to re-apply for tax exempt status, NYCON’s legal team can help you. Please contact us via phone at (800) 515-5012 xext. 104 and speak to Felice Ford, Legal Assistant or fill out this brief form and one of our staff members will get back to you promptly.

If your organization would like to explore Fiscal Sponsorship through NYCON’s subsidiary Inovative Charitable Initiatives (ICI) please click here to learn more or contact Rochelle Williams at (800) 515-5012 ext. 135 or fill out this brief form and a NYCON or ICI representative will get back toyou promptly.

NYCON Partners with Senator Schumer To Inform & Assist Nonprofits
United States Senator Chuck Schumer continues to support the nonprofit community, this time helping to get the word out regarding the revocations, and how organizations work to regain their exempt status.

Click here to see the Senator’s release, including quotes from CEO Doug Sauer,
and more.

Click here to see the NYCON release on our new programs for revoked organizations.

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