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STRAWBERRIES at the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market

July 18, 2011
The next row of S T R A W B E R R I E S are ready for the Tuesday market …does that means strawberry shortcake for dinner?

If P E A C H E S are what you fancy, we have a great grilled peaches recipe at the market – topped with ice cream and a bit of mint!

The seasons J A M S and J E L L I E S are now available at Middlefield Orchands, along with a wonderful variety of home-baked bread, fresh raspberries, and honey.
M E A T and P O U L T R Y. Hare and Feather has chicken breasts and leg quarters – great for the grill. Where’s the Beef? Tauzel Farm. Promiseland Farm brings home the bacon! While Highland Farm raises the European Red Deer for venison.

F L O W E R S. Fresh cut from Kennedy’s for the picnic table.
A C C E S S O R I E S. Man in the Moon Herbs has festive apons for you and the grandchildren, ideal for making ice cream or cooking at the grill. And Molly has N E W summer halter dresses for only the best-dressed and most stylish 18" American dolls in town.

Need a fresh idea for dinner? See the recipes are on our facebook page.

Market now offers EBT services for the SNAP Program [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program]

At the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market you can look forward to the quality items local customers have come to expect. The selection is wonderful, from seasonal fruits and vegetables to all cuts of local meats and fresh poultry. We also have a bounty of local eggs, cheeses, and yogurt, honey and maple syrup, home-baked sweets and treats, flowers and greenery, as well as handmade crafts, like candles, soaps and much much MORE!

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