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Book Title Updates and Author Events

July 22, 2011
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Hot enough for ya? Here at the home office of Square Circle Press, we’ve moved down to the basement to escape the heat. Certainly cooler, and definitely more comfortable for working. (Plus it’s easier to review all our inventory.) Speaking of working, we’ve got a lot going on here: an update to a forthcoming title, a surprise new release, and some author events.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot — there’s also this little French guy named Napoleon hanging around … read on!

Surprise Release – Otsego County in the Civil War
Otsego County in the Civil War - book cover Otsego County in the Civil War:
Firsthand Accounts of War Experiences

compiled by
Otsego County Historical Association


158 pages

57 illustrations

Index to Authors

Available August 1


A couple of months ago, the Otsego County Historical Association contacted us to help them revise and expand this book that they’ve been self-publishing for several years. They solicited all the Town Historians in Otsego County for new material, and have put together a fascinating collection of Civil War letters, diaries, newspaper articles, photographs, and other materials. We’ve created a new cover and an author index. Our goal was to have it ready in time for their booth at the Otsego County Fair on August 1, and with some scrambling, we’re pretty sure we’ll have them on time. If you go to the fair, be sure to visit the booth and pick up a copy.

Book Summary:

Perhaps the most pivotal event in American history, the Civil War began with the purpose of preserving the Union and ended with the abolition of slavery, costing approximately 620,000 lives in the process. This collection of letters, memoirs, newspaper articles and diary entries, from Otsego County in central New York, was first gathered together in 2005, and has now been revised and greatly expanded for the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War.

The poignant words of the soldiers who lived through the war portray how these men felt the initial excitement of enlistment, adjusted to camp life, and then experienced the despair and horrors of battle. The passionate (and sometimes mundane) newspaper articles from the home front reveal a picture of how this county dealt with the issues of slavery and abolition before the war, and provide a glimpse of how they honored the combatants after the war.

Read a Preview and Order Online

Release Update: Wobbling Home by Jim Atwell
Wobbling Home - book cover Wobbling Home:
A Spiritual Walk with Parkinson’s
by Jim Atwell

Pre-publication price!


We are working on a venue in Cooperstown for the release of Wobbling Home, and it looks like we will be launching in late August. In the meantime, we are extending our pre-publication discount of $13.00 until August 15. If you aren’t from the Cooperstown area and don’t know Jim and his writings, you definitely need to. We’ve got some pre-pub reviews posted on the book’s web page; check them out and learn more about this delightful upstate philosopher, farmer, and ex-monk.

"Don’t for a moment think this is a book about Parkinson’s. It is so much more — a primer on life, a glimpse into a remarkable and resilient soul."

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