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Cooperstown Farmers’ Market TUESDAY

July 24, 2011
S T R A W B E R R I E S , B L U E B E R R I E S , R A S P B E R R I E S ,
B L A C K R A S B E R R I E S , P E A C H E S , P L U M S , A P R I C O T S
yes, summer is sweet at the market!

M I M I K I S is offering an interactive activity for children 9-90 interested in learning how to felt a toy ball. There will be a $2 fee per student.

With a bounty of C U C U M B E R S at the market, it is time for one of my favorite simple summer salads. Sliced cucumbers with dill, onions, mixed with a dollop of sour cream. Or sliced seeded cucumbers with wedges of tomato, slices of onion, kalamata olives, and cubes of Painted Goat’s Feta tossed with a bit of vinaigrette for dinner! Or slabs of cucumbers on Middlefield Orchard’s rosemary bread with Mountainview Dairy’s cheddar cheese and we have my daughter’s favorite sandwich, ‘cucumber and cheese, please.’ If you have a recipe you would like to add to the recipe basket at the market please send it to me on the email, market. I will print it out and add it to the basket, the simpler the better.

12:00-2:00 please don’t miss the young entrepreneurs from String Bling. They will be introducing a new line of hair barrettes on Tuesday at the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market.

Need a fresh idea for dinner? See the recipes are on our facebook page.

Market now offers EBT services for the SNAP Program [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.]

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