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Brookwood Citizens’ Committee hosts second public meeting

July 25, 2011

Brookwood Citizens’ Committee hosts second public meeting

The Brookwood Citizens’ Committee will host its second public meeting on Thursday,
August 4, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. at Templeton Hall in Cooperstown. The first public meeting,
held on January 30, 2011, provided an overview of the site and its conservation values,
including natural, scenic, and historic features. Public comments from the first meeting
were used by the Committee and Otsego Land Trust consultants to explore reuse of the
site. The second meeting will provide an overview of proposed site improvements to
allow safe, public access to the site, including options for the estate house.

“Many of the improvements for public access are pretty straight-forward and minimal.
Our overriding goal is to respect the natural and cultural integrity of the site. What
happens to the house is probably the greatest challenge we face. The Citizens
Committee and our consultants are looking at various options for the house and its site,
including rehabilitation and removal. While the house contributes to the historic value
of the site, Otsego Land Trust can only save the house if there are sufficient funds to
renovate it and find long-term strategies for its reuse,” said executive director Peter

Based on public input, Otsego Land Trust consultants Crawford and Stearns are
exploring several options for the house and its site, including rehabilitating the house,
removal, and construction of a new pavilion on the house site. Paul Fritz, the landscape
architect hired by Otsego Land Trust, has developed conceptual site enhancements,
including walking paths, parking areas, and a non-motorized boat launch area. “This
meeting will give the community a chance to weigh-in on our consultants’ work. We feel
it is important to get feedback from the community to ensure we’re on the right track,”
said Hujik.

“Peter has done a terrific job reaching out to potential partners who can help with public
programs and funding site improvements. He has found several like-minded groups
that are interested in working with Otsego Land Trust. While nothing has been firmed
up yet, I feel very positive about Brookwood’s future,” said co-chair Martha Frey. To
date Otsego Land Trust has raised over $65,000 in funds to support the preservation
and reuse of Brookwood Point. Additionally, James and Irene Dean have donated a
buildable lot in Cooperstown that the Otsego Land Trust will sell to support Brookwood

For more information about the August 4th meeting, please contact Peter Hujik, Otsego
Land Trust Executive Director at (607) 547-2211. The meeting will last approximately
two hours and conclude with a free reception.

Press Release-Brookwood Point meeting 8-4-11.doc

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