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Important Message to Chamber Members re: BB Getaways RAV System

August 6, 2011

Accommodation Members PLEASE NOTE:

There is currently a  problem with the BB Getaways RAV System.  This is NOT part of our planned transition for changes to membership.  We are attempting to work the issue out so that service is continued through September 30 under our current program AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO OUR ACCOMMODATION MEMBERS.  Please do not respond to the email sent by BB Getaways as this is NOT part of our Chamber Program.  We expect to have a solution to this issue soon, but in the meanwhile we are asking that all members report their availability to our offices by email at or by phone at 607-547-9983 Extension 3.  We will notify all lodging members of progress on this issue as soon as information is available. Thank you for your understanding as we work to resolve this.  If you should have any additional questions, you can contact me at throughout the weekend.


Susan O’Handley, Executive Director





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