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August 17, 2011

“EXPEDITION CHESAPEAKE” SEEKING VOLUNTEERS FOR COOPERSTOWN KAYAK TRIP: “Expedition Chesapeake” is a unique and comprehensive edutainment experience intended to develop a multi-faceted project that will immerse people in the past, present, and future of the Chesapeake Bay watershed by creating a large format 3D film, a made-for-television documentary series, a hands-on 4D science exhibit, and online, educational materials designed to engage middle- and high-school students. Creators are using the power of large format to capture the natural beauty of this watershed while also making a direct link between our daily lives and its long-term health. The goal is to help people understand the impact isn’t just on the Chesapeake Bay but right in our back yards. Now that “Expedition Chesapeake” is in full swing, the team is planning a series of kayak trips along the Susquehanna River – beginning at Cooperstown and eventually ending at the Chesapeake Bay. The first padding trip is scheduled for Monday, August 22 and Tuesday, August 23 in Cooperstown, New York! Day 1 will begin in the afternoon with a two-hour paddle on Lake Otsego. Day 2 will begin on Lake Otsego and end at Mill Street. Additional paddles are scheduled for the following dates:September 8 & 9: Wilkes-Barre; September 28: Harrisburg; October 6 & 7: Havre de Grace. The “Expedition Chesapeake: team believes this is an excellent opportunity to showcase the beauty of the watershed and why it is worth protecting and, in order to make this adventure a success, they are looking for volunteers to participate in the kayak trip! Those interested in participating are asked to e-mail Kelly Silvis at ksilvis before Tuesday for additional details (lodging/costs, etc.). This opportunity is being offered to the public, but please note that each person is responsible for his or her travel arrangements and lodging, kayaks and gear, and transportation to and from the lake.

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