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Cooperstown Farmers’ Market – Saturday 8am-2pm

August 25, 2011
piggy lickin' good
Saturday at the market…

P O R K , all cuts, all varieties of sausages, fresh, smoked, or dry cured, and yes, the word on the steet is …the pork at the market is piggy lickin’ good – or something like that.

Make a plan for a backyard BBQ this weekend, … and make it easy,

C H O P S on the grill , CORN-ON-THE-COB, parsely buttered RED POTATOES and a little salad of sliced cucumbers and red radished with a bit of goats milk yogurt.

…this is tasty twist on W A T E R M E L O N . . . cut the red flesh of a watermelon into half inch cubes. Take ten or so mint leaves, pile them on top of each other, roll up the pile and thinly slice across the rolled mint leaves starting at the tips. Uncurl the strings of mint leaves and sprinkle them throughout the cubed watermelon. The color contrast is pretty and the taste is amazing.

Take the day off… I t a l i a n C o o k i e H o m e has the best eggplant parmesan, packed and ready to go – a small tossed salad and a peach and your casual supper is done.

Market now offers EBT services for the SNAP Program [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program]. Stretch your EBT benefits – for every $5 of food stamps you get an extra $2 to spend at the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market. Offer expires 11/15/11.

See you at the market!

At the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market you can look forward to the quality items local customers have come to expect. The selection is wonderful, from seasonal fruits and vegetables to all cuts of local meats and fresh poultry. We also have a bounty of local eggs, cheeses, and yogurt, honey and maple syrup, home-baked sweets and treats, flowers and greenery, as well as handmade crafts, like candles, soaps and much much MORE!

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