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TUESDAY 12-5pm Cooperstown Farmers’ Market

August 29, 2011
cheese art
There are lots of treats for kids of all ages at the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market on Tuesday from noon to 5pm – come down for a visit.

…now here is a thought, alittle something to go with a glass of wine tonight? Mountain View Dairy’s Camembert is dreamy!

Venison burgers for dinner? Highland Farm raises European Red Deer and offer all cuts. They also have a recipe for burgers, really tasty. Halves of summer squash cut the long way, thick slices of onions, and thick wedges of sweet potato rubbed with oil and garlic grill pretty nicely, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Enjoy. Peaches and whip cream for desert, anyone?

Of course Promise Land Farm will be at the market and if you like lamb – Robin will have something special for you.

Market now offers EBT services for the SNAP Program [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.]

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