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Vibrant Creative on How ADwords Work and why you should consider them.

September 13, 2011
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How do Adwords work?

By some estimates, 90% of Google Adwords

dollars are completely wasted.

On the surface Google ADwords is the coolest thing in advertising since the television. When ADwords first came on the scene and people started using it, competition was scarce and it was easy to be successful. Now there are more than 1 million advertisers using the service.

The 90% waste figure can be daunting or it can be a a really great opportunity. With some small modifications to your campaign, you can have success with the service. Here are a few tips and the biggest spots where people go wrong with ADwords.

Compelling Ads The name of your company and what you do are not what I would consider compelling. A compelling AD is a question or something that makes someone want more information. Remember you are competing against the natural search results and a bunch of other advertisers on the page. ie: Bobs Golf Shop, the best golf clubs ever is not as compelling as: Learn the secret of Tiger Woods Swing, The secret formula and products used by the pro. You have to entice them to want to find out more, especially if you are up against heavy competition.

Avoiding the bad clickers Unfortunately one of the big reasons for the waste is the wrong people clicking on your Ads. If your AD was crafted properly it would tell the wrong people not to click ie: line 2 of the AD, Solutions starting at $3,000. This would get rid of all the bargain shoppers wasting your clicks.
Creating a Conversion Hooray, the right person came to your website. Now what? we have to engage them; free white paper, e-newsletter subscription, sale of something, whatever. We have to tell them what to do next in order to get them into the pipeline of sales or relationship. Google can actually track if they take the next step and this is what we call a conversion. This conversion is the metric you will use for success. Without it you have no idea what’s going on.

Realistic Expectations If you are selling a service or are a non profit, it’s important to remember that the people that are randomly finding you on the internet are different types of users then the people that are looking specifically for you or coming from a referral. The new clickers need special attention and direction and are usually not ready to make a big sale or write a big donation check, the real goal is to make the connection and keep communicating with them.

Continuous Campaign Testing You think you know what words people are using to find you right? Well, you’re probably wrong and there are probably about a thousand words you have not thought of. You think you have the perfect AD? Wrong again. If you constantly test one ad against another and make adjustments to your keywords based on performance and conversions then you will be actively building an awesome campaign that moves the needle. Sound like a pain? if you spent an hour on it each week you can probably change your entire organization.

Recommended Reading I have read and recommend the below book to give you a quick understanding of how to succeed on Google using Adwords. Click the image to see it on Amazon.

If you would like to discuss your online strategy send me an e-mail at chris or call Bijoy at 516.581.7152.

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